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Назва: Exploring the potential of augmented reality for teaching school computer science
Автори: Oleksiuk, Vasyl
Oleksiuk, Olessia
Ключові слова: mobile learning
augmented reality
school computer science
augmented reality applications
Дата публікації: 2020
Видавець: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Бібліографічний опис: Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Augmented Reality in Education
Короткий огляд (реферат): The article analyzes the phenomenon of augmented reality (AR) in education. AR is a new technology that complements the real world with the help of computer data. Such content is tied to specific locations or activities. Over the last few years, AR applications have become available on mobile devices. AR becomes available in the media (news, entertainment, sports). It is starting to enter other areas of life (such as e-commerce, travel, marketing). But education has the biggest impact on AR. Based on the analysis of scientific publications, the authors explored the possibilities of using augmented reality in education. They identified means of augmented reality for teaching computer science at school. Such programs and services allow students to observe the operation of computer systems when changing their parameters. Students can also modify computer hardware for augmented reality objects and visualize algorithms and data processes. The article describes the content of author training for practicing teachers. At this event, some applications for training in AR technology were considered. The possibilities of working with augmented reality objects in computer science training are singled out. It is shown that the use of augmented reality provides an opportunity to increase the realism of research; provides emotional and cognitive experience. This all contributes to engaging students in systematic learning; creates new opportunities for collaborative learning, develops new representations of real objects.
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://elar.ippo.edu.te.ua:8080/handle/123456789/5683
ISSN: 1613-0073
Розташовується у зібраннях:Наукові публікації працівників центру інформатики, ІКТ і дистанційної освіти

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